How To Get Connected

To learn how to get connected to Secure Mustang Wireless, please click on the operating system for your mobile device. If you still need further assistance, here's who to contact:

Faculty/Staff -- Please contact your LAN Coordinator, or the ITS Service Desk.
Students (Living off-campus) -- Please contact the ITS Service Desk.
Residence Hall Students (Current) -- Please contact Resnet, or the ITS Service Desk.

Secure Mustang Wireless (WPA2)

Cal Poly offers secure wireless access to students, faculty and staff. This WPA2-enabled secure wireless network features the use of a certificate on your device to match our server certificate. Employees should contact their LAN Coordinator before attempting to configure the Secure Mustang Wireless network on Cal Poly-owned mobile devices or laptops.


    To learn how to use Secure Mustang Wireless, select your operating system:

    Windows 8
    Windows 7/Vista
    Windows XP
    Apple Macintosh

    Mobile Devices:

    The following procedure describes how to configure WPA2 for mobile devices. At this time ITS is not providing certificate support for mobile devices, though this may change in the future. We suggest that you update to the latest version of your device's software to minimize certificate issues.

      iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)
      Android (Droid, EVO, Aero, Eris, Passion, etc...)
      Windows Mobile/Phone


    If you did not see your device listed above, click HERE for a generic procedure to connect to WPA2. Please note that this procedure will likely not include all the necessary steps for configuring WPA2 for your device.

    Guest Login, WPA2

To find out more about the Mustang Wireless Network, visit the Wireless Frequently Asked Questions page.